Contact Us

We'd love to hear from you, whether you'd like to suggest a flavor, hear the upcoming weekend's flavors, learn where we source our ingredients, or about our ice cream making process, or even just to say hello... our ears (and inboxes) are always open!

Email Robin (the ice cream lady) at robin.salant@halfpintkitchen.com

Or "message" us on Twitter @halfpintkitchen

And, since we received iPads for Christmas, you can "message" us on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac using the email robin.salant@halfpintkitchen.com or salants@me.com (you may get Jim on that one... he's not as fanatic about ice cream as Robin, but he'll chat with you about craft beers until your computer explodes.)

Of course, you could just go old school and wait until the weekend to chat with us at the market!